Writing Samples

Clear writing is a key component to success in complex business litigation.

Business litigation often involves complicated transactions and issues that are unfamiliar to many judges.

Consequently, extensive pleading and briefing is often necessary to educate the judge. Unless a client’s position is presented well in such pleadings, the risk increases dramatically that the judge will misinterpret or simply not understand the client’s position. That will likely result in a loss.

Good writing is a valuable hedge against that risk.

A number of writing samples are provided in the link below to help you evaluate my writing style. Included in this section are various pleadings, memoranda, and briefs that I have prepared on a variety of issues in actual cases over the years. The names of the parties and the courts involved in the cases have been changed, but the remainder of each document is the same as that filed with the court in a particular case.

If you want to review any additional information or have questions regarding these writing samples, then please contact me by phone or email and I will attempt to provide any additional information that you need.

Also, my writing on a number of different topics can be reviewed on the blog that I have maintained since 2004, Houston’s Clear Thinkers.

Link to Writing Samples